House Rules

Currently, the only house rule is the use of the Paizo Critical Hit Deck, which I’ll only use for PCs and for “boss” NPCs. A Critical Fumble Deck is also available, but we’ll only use it if it seems like it would be fun.

When PCs level, I’m fine with just taking average hit points for your level, rounded down – so 3hp for a d6 hit die, 4hp for a d8, and so on. You can also, if you roll, re-roll if you get a 1 on the die, as that’s no fun.

Proposed House Rule: Players Roll All the Dice

I like to use this rule as it makes things quicker for me, and it involves more people in more turns in a combat. There are only a few changes we’d need to work out:

We would have to create a spellcasting bonus to be rolled against NPC saves. I think we can keep it simple and have your ability score bonus + 1/2 spell level, and work out other bonuses where appropriate for things like school specialization and feats. One upside here is that spell criticals would be a lot more common.

Armor class would become a bonus rather than a set value. So an AC of 15 would become an AC of +5 that you’d roll when attacked.

NPCs can just do set, average damage, and double damage if you roll a 1 on your AC, or if you “confirm” the fumble.

I think that’s pretty much it. I like the idea – what do you players think?

House Rules

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