White Weasel, storehouse, Verana’s Sundries, blacksmith, Town Hall, Shorn Beard, barn, Cold Woman, Tjorvar’s ruin, sawmill, Fimbrocket’s

The two most significant personalities in Waldsby are Emil and Katrina Goltiaeva. Emil is the barkeep at the village’s only bar, while Katrina is the village’s doomsayer. The are co-proprietors of the White Weasel, the town’s sole tavern and source of beer, winteryew moonshine, and bland food.

Factor Birgit Holorova is technically the representative of Nazhena Vasilliovna, and she is in control of the fortified storehouse that contains the food rations that Waldsby needs to survive.

Verana Stolya and her daughter Milivsa run a general store in town called Verana’s Sundries. Verana is a hoarder, and the store has a surprising stock of equipment when she’s willing to dig down. Featured in the shop are an antique suit of +2 studded leather armor, a +2 belt of mighty constitution, and a potion of feather step. Milivsa periodically brags about her involvement with one of the guards at the Pale Tower.

The blacksmith, Iziamir Polovar, has a +1 arrow catching light wooden shield hanging over his shop’s door. It is an heirloom and he has no use for it, and he might be willing to part with it.

Waldsby’s Town Hall is a sad affair, closed unless the White Witch wishes for some reason to address the villagers. It has an old clock-tower, the hands frozen at 10 after 12 for as long as anyone can remember.

The Shorn Beard is a barbershop run by a dwarf named Rusilka Sighja Imsdottr. She provides all the usual services, including shaves, haircuts, styling, dentistry and surgery. She has a broad grin and a blood-stained apron.

A large communal barn, inhabited by a house spirit name Polrusk, houses Waldsby’s livestock, safe from the cold. Currently that livestock numbers one – a milk-cow that has seen better days.

The town square hosts a large white statue of a woman that bears a striking resemblance to the statue near the center of Heldren. If they are not the same woman, they seem to have come from the same sculptor. No one in town knows it’s source – some say it is Queen Elvanna, others some Ulfen woman from the distant past. They simply call it the Cold Woman, and it is primarily a roost for crows.

Outside the town limits is the ancient cemetery, enclosed by a fence topped with human skulls and tended by a priest of Pharasma, Rolf Halzberg. He also serves as the village’s chaplain and birthing specialist, though the Pale Tower guards enjoy making his life difficult and the jadwiga frown upon religion they don’t control.

The ruined husk of a burned house is clearly visible near the center of town. It once belonged to the village’s leader, Tjorvar Leikovich and his wife and daughter. Everyone in the village makes a sign to ward off evil whenever they pass the ruin.

Arbagazor Frimbocket is a gnome woodcarver and carpenter who does decorative woodwork.

Garthur Kalinin is the owner of Waldsby’s sawmill. He is also the holder of licenses that must be purchased in order for woodcutters to be allowed to harvest wood, which they then sell to his sawmill. He also charges a “license maintenance fee.”

Lastly, Nadya Petska’s cabin lies on the edge of town. Here her twin boys, Orm and Mjoli live, often watched over by her neighbor Kashka when she is away. The cabin has a kennel that is home to her sled-dogs, and is home to one other being – Hatch, her house-spirit/domovoi.


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