Jhar Dhan

Short and slight for a half elf, with unusual black hair and green eyes. Jhar Dhan dresses in dark colors and wears a wide brimmed hat that, when pulled down, conceals most of his face.


Jhar Dhan wears a rapier at his hip and a crossbow slung off his shoulder. His armor is a dull black suit of leather Lamellar Cuirass.


Jhar Dhan is a half elf. His father a wandering elven adventurer named Jhar Dael, romanced a young a seamstress named, Lehanna. Jhar Dael had sought her out for some tailoring and special work he wanted done. Lehanna was a striking beauty, as well as being a gifted seamstress. Jhar Dael extended his stay in the area to woo Lehanna and Jhar Dhan was the result.
Jhar Dael resumed his wanderings within days of his son’s birth, leaving Lehanna a hefty bag of gold and silver, a by product of his adventuring, to provide for the mother and child. With it Lehanna was able to buy a small cottage with garden plot to house and feed herself and her son . Though she supported them with her needle craft life was still a struggle for the small family.

Lehanna refused to marry, certain that Jhar Dael would return one day, and without the guidance of a father figure, Jhar Dhan grew up wild and rough. Spending too much time in questionable company and picking up skills and knowledge of the less savory kind from an early age. Later, in his early teens, Jhar Dael began manifesting the signs of his Arcane heritage.
Magic came naturally to Jhar Dhan, his Elvish bloodline manifesting in his Sorcerous abilities. Today he is a competent, though largely inexperienced caster. But despite these powers he still identifies as more of a Rogue then a Sorcerer, and uses his magic primarily to benefit his larcenous tendencies.
He has also been known to employ hs spellcraft to inflict practical jokes, both simple and complex, on those he feels deserving, or just a really nice target of opportunity!

Despite a disregard for the Law, and an impatience with rules and orders, Jhar Dhan still tries to do the ‘Right Thing’ whenever he can. He will only steal from those he feels have too much and he hates seeing children, and mothers, taken advantage of or cheated.
Jhar Dhan’s larcenous tendencies are especially aroused by gemstones and jewels. Perhaps it is an Elvish trait, being drawn to the beauty and glow of the stones. Or perhaps it is a by product of the scraps of religious teaching that rubbed off on him in his youth when he would loiter about the temple of Yuelral, who also has an affinity to gems and jewels. What ever the cause, Jhar Dhan finds such baubles hard to resist pocketing when opportunity knocks.

As a half elf, Jhar Dhan has often felt the loneliness of not really belonging. His early years were spent primarily around humans, many who were unkind to the youth for his mixed parentage. Only later did he begin to mingle with elves and begin to assimilate their customs and habits. Even then, he felt the outsider. Believing, with no real evidence, that many of the elves looked down on him because of his human heritage. This particular ‘chip’ was compounded by another. Unlike most half elves, Jhar Dhan is rather short! At 4’6" he is small even for a male human, and he is very small by elven and half elven standards.

To this day Jhar Dhan has never laid eyes on his father. All he has of his father, aside from a few coins left over from the original horde, is a silver signet ring bearing an elvish crest. Which Jhar Dhan believes is his father’s family, though he has no facts to support that belief. The ring has become Jhar Dhan’s Focus of his Arcane Bond and he wears it at all times.
One of Jhar Dhan’s life goals is to find his father. He has conflicting emotions regarding Jhar Dael. Longing to meet him, anxious to do so, but harboring much anger about his abandonment.

Jhar Dhan

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