Welcome to the Reign of Winter Pathfinder adventure path!

Reign of Winter, one of Paizo’s recent Pathfinder adventure paths is designed to carry a group of player-characters from level 1 up to around level 20. To get there, the adventurers will travel, from their starting village of Heldren, farther than any adventure path has taken adventurers before. All to ensure that Golarion is not crushed beneath an ice age and the iron authority of a Witch Queen.

The adventure path draws upon Russian folklore and mythology, as well as some actual Russian history. It has a cold, dark, superstitious “feel” to it, shadowed by the menace of totalitarianism and dread, incomprehensible witchcraft. Fey, giants and dragons will play a large part in the adventure path as it moves forward.

Pathfinder: Reign of Winter

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